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 Rules -.-

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PostSubject: Rules -.-    Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:53 pm

i hate doing this , i will make them simple since most people (like 99.9%) don't read rules .. but it is something that must be done anyways.

1. No Spamming or off topics.
2. No topics in the wrong sections , or off-posts.
3. No Flaming inside the academy for any reason , there is something called "hamachi" for that.
4. Any issue that is not allowed happend in the academy must be PMed to an admin.
5. No topics , posts or images related in one way or another to porn or sextual contents in the forum.
6. Advertising in topics , Signatues or Personal Messages [PM] for another forum is NOT allowed in this academy (forum) , there is something called Affiliation instead witch is something we prefer more.
7. Only Chancellors are allowed to host tournaments beside Staff members (Royal Guard) if they got an admin approvment otherwise the tournament will be canceled.
8. No comment about a staff or a memeber in this academy that touchs feelings or hurt someone in oneway or another. Trying to be funny , then do that some where else.
9. No discussions that might lead to spamming , make sure to read topics titles before posting.
10. Do NOT PM an admin about "hey , can i be a staff?" there is a topic for that , try to use it.
11. If you have some Graphics skills there is a group "Graphicals" you can join to , you will have mod power on 2 Graphics sections. (only Experts Graphicals might be accepted , so keep that in mind before you request to join that group).
12. If you are one of those who like to write articles all the time or most of it , a new group is released "Articles Team" you may join if you want, But you will be asked to make an article first to make sure you have the skillz for that.
13. if you have some dueling skills , we have "Wars Team" but it is something that only rare memebrs will get accepted to join. Since we don't have testers in the new system so you will have to prove your skills by winning a couple of tournaments in RG (not Mini Tournaments).
14. Any inactive staff will be replced with an active member , Staff ain't above the rules or something .. everyone in this place will follow the same rules just like everyone else.
15. Graphicals , Article Team , and Wars Team members considred as Staff as well , since they have some Mods power on some sections that is related to their speciality.
16. Do NOT post direct links about Movies , Programs or games that is not "official". Or post Cracks or Serial numbers for them as well.
17. Do not mock people or make fun of them if you don't know them well and consider them as "your friends" because that might hurt them somehow.
18. Do NOT talk about "BoysGirls things" in this forum or any post/topic that might have something to do with that. And never post publicaly a personal informations about someone without his / her permission.
19. Do NOT post your personal email or your phone number or your computer IP under any reason, we are not responsible of any hacking attempt at your email or your computer. Also this is a virtual space so no one needs your phone number, It's only a forum for yugioh and nothing more than that.
20. Any usefull suggestions is always welcomed , as long as they don't pass the limites .. i supposed you know what am talkign about. If you don't then DON'T suggest anything via [PM] Personal messages , or via topics/posts or in your signature.
21. Do not use BIG signatures becuase it slowes down the forum, also try to not use allot of userbars for the very same reason.
22. Do not quote anything from anyone via any program or topic about anyone without his permission and post it in a topic or in your signature , or quote something he said in the past or at present if you know it will hurt him or hurt his feelings . (Ask for his permission first)

-Other rules might be added in the future , but as for now this is everything.
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Rules -.-
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